Chi Staff

Huisheng Xie, DVM, PhD
President/Chief Academic Officer/Faculty
ext. 105

Yanru Zhao, MS
Chief Financial Officer
ext. 104

Zhen Zhao, MS

Campus Director/Chief Executive Officer
ext. 106

Lisa Trevisanello Dr.Med.Vet., CVA

Academic and

Administrative Director

ext. 421

Emma Sample, BS
MS Program Registrar
ext. 410

Megan McNeill, AA
Continuing Education Student Administrator
ext. 101

Yihui Lee, MS
Financial Controller
ext. 409

Nabby Rivera
Marketing Coordinator and Executive Assistant
ext. 408

Joanne Diaz
Administrative Associate 
ext. 422

Lee Warthen, BS

Distance Learning Coordinator

Chang Yu, DVM, CVA
Academic Coordinator


Guojun He, PhD
IT Specialist
ext. 110

Raymond Mahoney

Maintenance Supervisor

Guojun He
IT Specialist ext. 110
Guojun He
IT Specialist ext. 110