The Chi Institute is dedicated to ensuring the personal and professional success of its alumni and students.

Our alumni/student services, which we continue to develop and expand, allow students to enter and establish themselves within the TCVM community.  These services include: 

  • Free lifetime listing within our TCVM Practitioner Directory. Attract clients and connect with other TCVM practitioners in your area through our directory, which allows potential clients and peers to search for TCVM practitioners in their area.

  • Free case consultations.  Students and alumni receive free case consultations via email with experienced TCVM experts. You will never feel alone to study or practice TCVM. We are just one email away.

  • Free one-year joint membership to WATCVM (World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) and AATCVM (American Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) for all Veterinary Acupuncture course students.  This includes a one-year subscription to a peer-reviewed journal, the WATCVM Newsletter, as well as access to the AATCVM case discussion forum, discounts on select TCVM conventions, assistance with research design and grant preparation, and more.

  • Free subscription to the WATCVM Newsletter. Stay up-to-date on TCVM news with this triannual newsletter, which contains news articles and case reports written by TCVM experts from around the world.